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"Quality does not come in Quantity"


SFL's has been importing quality pigeons direct from Europe's top fanciers since 2009, this list includes Marcel Aelbrecht BE, Eric Limborg BE, Nico van Noordenee NL, Marco Klien Falckonberg NL, Jeff Kirkland U.K., Andre Roodhoft BE, Raymund Hermes GE,  Premiere Stud U.K., Embregts-Theunis NL, Roger & Eddy Grootjans BE., Leo Hermans BE., Luc Van Mechelen BE. and George Cartues BE.

The greatest impact to our loft and the other loft`s that have pigeons from our breeders came from the Roger & Eddy Grootjans import`s. The children and grandchildren have dominated every were they go and for all the fanciers that have them !!

Our colony today is based on the Grootjans pigeons crossed with our super Devriendt pigeons, with a touch of the Embregt-Theunis and Germain Imbrecht pigeons, to produce an all round pigeon with super natural health and vigor.

SFL`s breeds from some of the best Devriendts in North America, based on the birds down from Mr. & Mrs. Magoo, Striker, Jr. Striker, Detroit and many more exceptional hard tested pigeons for all distances as young and old birds, they win for many different fanciers all over Canada and the USA. Truly an amazing strain of pigeons if acquired from the right sources.

SFL`s does not sell pigeons for a living, we part with very few, preferring to keep what we breed for our own use, but also enjoy letting a few out each year to impact other loft`s.

Our breeding program is based on ace pigeons from the most competitive area to race in the world - Antwerp, Belgium !!

Our pigeons are producing $$$$$$ winners at the One Loft Race`s

The Embregts-Theunis pigeons were just introduced into our breeding program in 2013 and from limited breedings they have shown they are of the highest class, producing excellent pigeons when crossed with our Devriendt`s and Grootjans pigeons.
The Embregts-Theunis "Dragon Rocket" family is responsible for an  increadible number of super pigeons, with top results week in and out against massive birdage and top fanciers. Generation after generation they continue to dominate !!

In 2015 SFL`s was fortunate to acquire two original Germain Imbrecht cocks, both proven breeders of top pigeons including a car winner in S.A.  !! These two cocks should cross very well with our pigeons and should re-invigorate the long distance capabilities we strive for. They win at the young bird derby`s bred straight or crossed, this is not a common trait from a long distance family of pigeons.

Germain is a legend in Belgium pigeon sport, his birds have dominated at the distance since the dawn of time. Many a top loft owe there success in some way or another to the Imbrecht pigeons.

Germain is a believer in keeping things simple and he does not medicate, again these are the qualities we look for before making an investment in new additions to the breeding loft.

Steve Seamans is the Canadian Agent for the world class "Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race" in Africa - with $700,000 U.S.D. in winnings !!!

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